Get good at your second language

Tadoku is a friendly foreign-language immersion contest and tracking platform aimed at building a habit of reading and listening in your non-native languages.

Why should I participate?

Extensive reading and listening of native materials is a great way to improve your understanding of the language you're learning. There are many benefits to doing so: it builds vocabulary, reinforces grammar patterns, and you learn about the culture where your language is spoken.

As you track your progress over time you will notice that you can understand more and more of the language you're learning.

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Contest Schedule for 2024

Round 1Jan 1Jan 31Ended
Round 2Mar 1Mar 31Ended
Round 3May 1May 14Ended
Round 4Jul 1Jul 31Ongoing
Round 5Sep 1Sep 30Scheduled
Round 6Nov 1Nov 14Scheduled
  • I can't find my language in the list, what do I do?
    While most popular languages have been added, we haven't added every language. If your desired language is missing you can request your language to be added through our Discord server or leave us a message on the contact page.
  • Can I join a contest which has already started?
    Contests have a deadline for registration. You can join a contest as long as the registration period has not ended. For official contests registrations will generally close one week before it ends.
  • How do I register for a contest?
    You can find the button to register for a contest in the top right corner of the contest leaderboard. This will only be visible during the contest registration period.