Get good at your second language

Tadoku is a friendly foreign-language reading contest aimed at building a habit of reading in your non-native languages.

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Why should I participate?

Extensive reading of native materials is a great way to improve your understanding of the language you're learning. There are many benefits to doing so: it builds vocabulary, reinforces grammar patterns, and you learn about the culture where your language is spoken. As you participate in more rounds you will notice that you can read more and more as you improve.

That said, it's not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys the process of immersing themselves. Tadoku isn't a magical pill that will make you fluent. It only covers extensive reading, and not extensive listening. While Tadoku is here to promote reading, a balanced approach to learning is still recommended.

Contest schedule

  • Round 1

    January 1st - February 14th (1.5 months)

  • Round 2

    March 24th - April 7th (2 weeks)

  • Round 3

    May 1st - 31st (1 month)

  • Round 4

    June 23rd - July 7th (2 weeks)

  • Round 5

    July 24th - August 7th (2 weeks)

  • Round 6

    September 1st - 30th (1 month)

  • Round 7

    October 24th - November 7th (2 weeks)

  • Round 8

    November 23rd - December 7th (2 weeks)